The packing has begun friends and it is AWFUL. How does one enjoy this? Oh wait, they don’t, unless you do, at which point you should message us and we will pay you to do it for us. I can’t decide which part is the worst about it, the actual packing of boxes, the clutter […]

The extra “B” is for bass fishing! No? How about blam-tastic? Can you believe that? Well, just know that we just had a going away BBQ and it was lots of fun. So much so that it deserves an extra letter. Cassidy and I wanted to have a chance to get people together and have […]

For serious. Things got super real this week. Howdy friends, family, and internet stalkers! Tis moi, Cassidy, trying to muster the courage to write this post, because lately I’m having a hard time keeping it together. Alas! The ┬áblog must go on! Last week, we signed the lease to an awesome studio in the downtown […]

Hello and welcome to the first post. This is dAVE writing this missive, but rest assured Cassidy sits next to me as I write it. We have long discussed the idea of keeping a blog of our upcoming move to Seattle. Friends and family have been in the know of our plans and this is […]