A Very Nerdy Thanksgiving

Hi Friends!

Now that it is December, I guess we should recognize that Thanksgiving happened and it was most fun this year. True story friends. Being as it is the first holiday for which we were not going to be back in California or with family, I would say it was magical. Just what we were wanting this year. People can relate when I say that the holidays can be super hectic, stressful and sometimes not fun. For dAVE and I, we kept Thanksgiving nice and simple this year. Back where we are from, the night before Thanksgiving is known as Black Wednesday. Reason is, everyone is back for the holiday and its a great excuse to go out and drink and be reunited. In years previous it has been a fun time to see a lot of people who you have not in a while and take advantage of being able to go out on a Wednesday without feeling guilty! Apparently this is a tradition in most places. Especially Seattle, where the majority of us are not from here, nor do we go home for Thanksgiving. dAVE and I went out on Wednesday night with a few of his co-workers and new friends that we have met here in Seattle and had great fun. It was nice to be out with new people, explore a little bit more and of course, we all know that tipsy bonding can be the best.

We have both recently become Pescetarians and therefore, no turkey for turkey day. Say what?!?!?! Yup, no turkey. It’s a good thing that there are alternatives like Tofurky. Which is what we prepared this year along with mashed yams, garlic green beans and mini pumpkin pies! After waking up and getting some yum yum in the tum tum breakfast, we came home, got in our pj’s and started what will become our Thanksgiving tradition as long as we can keep it going. Lord of The Rings marathon! But not just any Lord of The Rings marathon, the extended version marathon! YES. Both of us have seen all three before this (duh, people!) but either of us had seen the Return of The King extended version. So we put them on from the beginning sat back relaxed, cooked, drank, ate and watched arguably the greatest trilogy. We truly enjoyed not being outside once. We spoke to our families back in California and then had pretty much no other contact with the world and it was awesome.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Thanksgiving! Now on to December and all the holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!

PS: For the record, we started the marathon at 2pm and I made it till 11pm or about 1 hour into Return of The King before crashing. dAVE is the true champ for making it all the way through till 2am finishing the marathon strong.


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