Holy Sh*t, Life is Happening

Hello there everybody!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a post on here and an even longer while since I have done one. So, I thought to myself, why not? Things are going well for us up here. We have been here for two months now and I don’t think we could be happier. Especially now we have both gotten into good routines and have been living like we aren’t going back to California any time soon. It’s a good thing. It’s also the reason for lack of posts recently. But, hopefully we can make more time coming up. 😉
Each Sunday Cassidy and I get the chance to spend the day together and it is seriously my favorite day of the week. We go out and explore new places in Seattle and just have fun where ever we end up. This past weekend we went to Ballard and visited Card Kingdom. Which is a nerd heaven! Tons of board and role playing games that you can play in a cafe next door. When we went there was a Magic: The Gathering tournament going on. There are lots of tables set up for people to show up and play D&D or Warhammer and other games. It is a seriously cool place.
We also went to Archie McPhee, a joke, party supply, and weirdo crap store. Another magically fun place. It is full of random plastic toys and oddities. I got some plastic monster finger toys for pretty much no reason. You can see them at the bottom of their home page now. I’m pretty excited.
So, all in all, life is good. We are enjoying our new life here still. I will leave you with a picture I took inside Archie McPhee.
Talk to you later!



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  1. Patti dedrick · · Reply

    Well u picked a great town to move to Seattle has been ranked the number 2 best American cities to live in. Of course San Francisco being number 1.
    Seriously glad you have settled in and happy..

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