Workin’ it.

Hey Friends! Tis the lady of the blog posting this morning. I look out our little kitchen window, coffee and Charlie the unicorn at my side, and see that notorious Seattle fog and a slight breeze blows through. This is what Seattle is supposed to be like. SQUEE!!! The last couple of weeks have been very hot. The sun is fantastic, but not in the city where the heat has no where to go, its been a couple miserable nights. But, who am I to complain? This is Seattle not Africa.

Enough grumbling, I got a job! Sweet, right? I know I am stoked. I started looking for positions before we even moved. It is my want and desire to work for The University of Washington in one of their hospitals. So, prior to our move, I began searching on their website for positions that they had open. I applied to a few, okay more than a few, like, 25 open positions and have yet to hear about any of them. It is my assumption that unless you know someone there, you are going to have a hard time getting in. In my mind, I had no more time to waste. Although we had saved a bunch of money knowing I was not going to work for a little bit, my mind has been on overdrive freaking out about the ratio of spending money, to money coming in. That ratio is basically 100:0. So, a little over a week ago I started the hunt on Craigslist. For two days, in the morning, I sat here at the computer and wrote emails and submitted resumes. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts shooting through the universe as I sent them away.

I had 4 of those positions call back and I interviewed with 3 of them. The first was a small medical office that was about a 10 minute bus ride from our house. The interview went well, and they asked me to come for a working interview and it was scheduled. I was pretty excited. However, I kept thinking about the fact that the position was at most 36 hours a week and a minimum of 30. That scared me a bit as I am accustomed to working full time, and it made me nervous at the potential for how slow the office could be. But, it was an opportunity. After I had my first interview with them, I received a phone call from a different medical office. This was for a way busy orthopedic practice, more up my alley, and I scheduled an interview. Another position called and I scheduled an interview with them too, the same day. I had my interviews on Thursday, and the orthopedic clinic asked me back for a working interview on Friday. Long story short, they offered me a position on Friday and I start tomorrow!! WOO EFFING HOO!!!

Having a job now has really solidified this move for me. The last day or two I have been thinking about now Seattle is my home. We are starting to build a routine. I have to start waking up on time again! More importantly, my savings can now be savings again! Yay! I’ve really enjoyed every minute of being here. This fantastic city we now call home. Seattle you have stolen our hearts and minds. In my eyes, we couldn’t have picked a better place to be right now. It is still an adventure navigating the bus system, we are getting quite good at it, finding new restaurants and dessert places. Bars have pinball machines and Skee-Ball here. Why you no have this Petaluma????? Seriously, get on it. The neighborhood is great, we can walk everywhere and anywhere. And it’s even perfect at 3:45AM on a Saturday when a possibly crazy, possibly drunk, possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard person is walking down the block shouting sarcastic and crude comments through a megaphone to complete random strangers. Oh Seattle, I double heart you to the max.



  1. Patricia Dedrick · · Reply

    Well it sure sounds like you two have settled in nicely, good for you!
    Just remember home is where your heart is and for now it sounds like it’s Seattle…..I could live there…..if I were younger.

  2. Elizabeth Smith · · Reply

    It sounds like your exactly where the two of you want to be. The best of luck to you both

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